New Music – Velociraptor


Well, the song isn’t all that new but if I’m not mistaken this is the band’s first video! If you’re still yet to hear Brisbane’s 12-piece retro sounding garage rock band Velociraptor, familiarise yourself now – they’re only going to get bigger.


New Music – Gung Ho


‘Twin Rays’ is the latest release from Brisbane three-piece Gung Ho. The first single from their upcoming EP, it comes some lo-fi and surfy qualities with a general laid back indie feel. A nice cruisey track to bring us into the warmer months.

New Music – Founds

‘Hologram’ is the latest release from Brisbane’s own sextet Founds. The first taste of their upcoming EP, ‘Hologram’ is built around luscious layers, creating a beautiful atmosphere. Gently plucked guitars grow against with a steady pounding drumbeat into a hypnotic breakdown to the end of the song. Be sure to check out ‘Gypsy Horse’ as well, both tracks are available for free download from the band’s Bandcamp page. I absolutely love the vocals in both of these tracks, as well as the way that they’ve managed to stay upbeat and catchy but laid back and relaxed at the same time.

New Music – Hunz

It had never occurred to me before that Brisbane artist Hunz had never realised a music video. Always one known for his interest in animation, Hunz has managed to created a pretty damn fine debut music video for his song “I Get Chills”. The track is a bit heavier than previous stuff we’ve heard from him, but the style suits quite well.

Locals lads (and lady) Velociraptor have been attracting a lot of attention of late. With their energetic live shows, and notoriety for barely being able to fit everyone onstage, coupled with recent Triple J attention things are certainly looking bright for the band. I spoke to frontman Jeremy Neale about an upcoming tour, a new EP and getting all of the ‘raptors’ organised.

First and foremost, what is your stance on velociraptors?

They are they only breed of dinosaurs that can open doors. This makes them the most threatening species of Dinosaur present in today’s door obsessed society.

You’re about to embark on an east coast tour. How does such a large band go about organising themselves?

Well, fortunately this time around we have a top-notch management team. Other than that, everybody will have a piece of paper with the venue and time we’ll be playing and with any luck at least 7 of us will show up.

Velociraptor are listed officially as a 12 piece but you rarely seem to play as such – what determines the size of the band on any given night?

The rider. If we get word that there’s not enough to go around we draw straws to see who has to stay home and drink home beers. Also a few raptors play in other touring bands and live/ work outside of Brisbane.

I hear there will be a new EP coming out soon; can you tell us a little about it?

A small collection of upbeat pop gems that are suitable for singing and dancing along to. It’s been a good chance for us to get some of our/ audiences’ live favourites recorded.

What is the song writing process like a band with so many members?

A lot of the time I’ll just write something at home or in the car and then bring it to practice and the raptors will work their magic on it. Other raptors also write songs and bring it to the raptor table in the same fashion.

I’ve seen you guys likened to ‘gritty garage sex’ and a ‘vintage street gang’. How would you describe yourselves?

A real neato gang of super bros with good values and a penchant for truffles and fine wine.

How do you feel about the attention the band has received so far?

Besides the odd comment of  “I don’t understand why there’s 7 guitarists” it’s been really positive and I couldn’t be happier with it. We’ve had some solid support from Triple J for our track ‘In The Springtime’ and there seems to be a really rad buzz for the tour.

What is your favourite thing about playing in Brisbane?

It’s an awesome city, easy to source enough amps, we get to play with our friend’s bands and also at the end of the night we can get a limo home to the raptor mansion that comes complete with 12 beds, all of which are race car themed

What can the uninitiated expect from a live show?

It is pretty chaotic. I’ve always been a firm believer in that if you wanted to hear the song exactly how it was recorded, then you should have stayed home and listened to the record. It’s louder than the recordings and more aggressive but it’s a visual spectacle and even if I wasn’t in the band I’d still wanna go and see it.

What does the future hold for Velociraptor?

Godzilla and Monster X have been threatening to destroy Brisbane. We are training every day so that we may have the strength to defeat these gigantic angry monsters. Also, although it has been delayed many times, we do have a film clip on the way. An album will be most triumphant once we can get the necessary 900 dollaridoos.

Somehow I’ve never seen Drawn from Bees live. So instead I have a tendency to just live through their releases and they are fast becoming one of my favourite local bands. They manage to build on a classic pop formula quite well, adding their own distinct touch to catchy hooks and memorable choruses.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a famous dude,” sings Quan Yeomans on ‘All Fake Everything’. There was a lot of rejoicing from long time fans when it was announced that Regurgitator were releasing a new album after what seemed to be a 4 year hiatus. While they haven’t really officially released anything in that time, we’ve seen snippets of songs here and there, snap shots of the band taking their time to release something they’d be happy with. The end result is SuperHappyFunTimesFriends, an album you can purchase on any format you’d like. I got the cassette. Because, well, cassettes are pretty cool.

Regurgitator have never really been a band to take seriously, and while this album has its touching moments we still see the Regurgitator we’ve come to know and love. SuperHappyFunTimesFriends has a much stronger punk feel than previous albums, typical of the band to never really stick to a style for too long. I much prefer their hip hop stuff for the most part, but there are some really great moments here. ‘Be Still my Noisy Mind’, ‘No Show’ and lead single ‘One Day’ are the highlights, showing a slightly more serious (well, at least less nonsensical by comparison) lyrical side to a backdrop of catchy pop-rock. ‘Punk Mum’ is fantastic, a stereotypically pop-punk piece dedicated to Yeomans’ mum and ‘Super Happy Funtime’ is an interesting insight into Ben Ely’s mind (ie, random as fuck). ‘All Fake Everything’ is really the only hip hop style track on the album and those who haven’t been fans of the band for a while would see it as somewhat of a random addition.

It’s a short album, clocking in at just over 30 minutes. And with about half of the tracks just barely hitting the 2 minute mark, you can’t help but feel that some of this is just filler between much better songs. ‘DMT 4 2’ and ‘Devil Spell’ don’t really add anything of substance to the album at all. Mirco-track ‘Game Over Dude’ does provide a nice segue been ‘One Day’ and ‘All Fake Everything’ though. SuperHappyFunTimesFriends certainly isn’t as immediately impressive as previous albums, but you have to give the band some credit for just doing their own thing on their own terms.