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I’m still trying to catch up on everything that I’ve missed out on over the last couple of weeks while I was away, but I thought that this video deserved a special mention. If you haven’t heard of Alan Boyle yet, he’s an Irish singer-songwriter who now resides in Brisbane. I absolutely love this song, but I can’t exactly pinpoint why. Every time I hear it, I just end up thinking ‘this is exactly what music should be’. Check it out below.


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If you’re looking for some new local music and don’t know where to start, try having a search on Bandcamp. It’s a great site that more and more bands are using to sell their music. Individual tracks or full EPs or albums can be posted and put at any cost (including free!) that the band would like. You can browse through artists or search by tags like location or genre….which brings us to the point of this post.

A Brisbane search will bring up a few pages of bands (some known and some unfamiliar names) from Brisbane. Likewise, you can do a search for a different city, state or country. Most of the music is pretty cheap when it’s not free, and it’s a great way to support independent artists. Need to recommendations on where to start?

  • Hunz is pretty much the king of Brisbane artists on Bandcamp, with practically all of his releases being able for download. You can also get some of his chip tunes stuff there too.
  • Alan Boyle’s ‘Oxygen’ EP is available for download for only $3 (or more if you like), which I think is a complete steal.
  • Massai’s latest release is available here – I think they’re mainly releasing this digitally so this is likely to be the only place people will be able to get this

There’s also a crapload of stuff from Montpelier, Ed Guglielmino and Blunt Instrument.

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You’re originally from Ireland – what brought you to Australia, and more specifically Brisbane?

A few weeks before I left Ireland to move to Rome in 2000, I fell for an Australian girl hard enough to chase her back to Brisbane the following year. We travelled together around Australia in her father’s old canary-yellow Renault 12 for a year, and while the poor old car didn’t survive the trip, we’ve been together ever since.

Our daughter Lanty was born in Brisbane five years ago. Before then we had been living in Ireland again, but it was an easy decision to return here to my partner’s family and a far more enjoyable standard of living.

You’ve been in Brisbane for about 5 years now, how are you finding the local music scene?

I’ve got very mixed feelings about the Brisbane music scene. Compared to where I’ve been, it’s amazing. Lots of opportunities  provided by Qmusic, Arts Queensland, Brisbane City Council and corporate sponsored events, supportive community radio, some wonderful venues I love playing in and an absolutely burgeoning band scene but it’s very frustrating to know that the majority of people in town would rather watch a sporting event on a telly than pay $10-$15 to watch an “emerging artist” play a show.  The value of music here seems to be a little less than I feel it deserves, and I’m unsure if that’s a cultural thing, or a perceptual thing….

As a musician I guess that’s just another challenge to overcome but having said all that, there’s something very inspiring about this city, being a place that’s in transition from a big town to becoming a city whilst retaining it’s inherent charm. It’s a pretty seductive place…

You seem a bit reluctant to name your music into a genre, any reason for that?

I jump about a bit between genres when writing, not intentionally, just how it comes out sometimes. But as long as I’m not writing Fairy Folk/Gospel I’m happy…

Sometimes you play solo and other times with a band, how do you discern when to do what?

I’m sorry to say it all boils down to money really. If I can afford to use the band I usually do, but occasionally a solo performance is more suited to a venue or audience so I have to take that into consideration sometimes.  The band produces a much larger, dynamic show but playing solo allows me to build on the naked bones of a song – it’s a much more intimate thing, and it’s either make the connection with the audience or die!

Also, please tell us about your band!

Toby Baron, Drums – Toby’s from the UK where he was a session player and Ray Davies’ drummer for years before making the move to Oz.

Chris McKelliget, Bass – an amazing young player, with an old head on him. Also pretty handy with a flugelhorn, but he’ll never admit it!

Matt Kafoa, Guitars – Matt played bass in Brisie band Shutterspeed, and was lead guitarist in Bind for years so has plenty of rocknroll history hanging off his Ben Shermans…

Musically, who would you say are your greatest influences and why?

I’m influenced by singers and lyricists mostly – I love Springsteen, Kris Kristofferson, Fiona Apple, Kathleen Edwards, Glenn Hansard from the Frames, Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention, the old delta belters like Howlin Wolf and Leadbelly but my all-time favourite is Phil Lynott. He was a cowboy poet, the only black man in small-town Dublin in the ‘70’s and was just so damn glamous amongst the drudgery of the Irish music scene at the time. He was a musician who made the most of his differences but utterly connected with people.

What are some of your favourite local Brisbane bands or artists at the moment?

I think The Cairo’s are pretty special, Skinny Jean are insanely good and Jackie Marshall is the best singer in town, if not the country, period.

What has been your highlight of 2010 so far?

Playing The Planting at Woodford a few months back was just beautiful. I had some friends up there with me and it was one of those transcendental gigs that you chase after every time you get on stage…. it’s such a special place.

You’ve recorded two EPs so far, do you have any plans for an album in the near future?

Yep, I’m writing at the moment and hope to start demoing at the end of the year, but my main goal is to get the last EP “Oxygen” out into the public eye as much as possible before committing to another recording project.

What does the future hold for Alan Boyle?

More touring, domestic and national, recording and airplay – as much work as I can get my hands on basically. I’m hoping to get a little video clip organised over the next few months too, and to continue raising my profile both here and in Ireland simultaneously.

And the rest I’ll figure out as I go!

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