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So I haven’t particularly been doing a lot of music reviews lately, but instead making music of my own. I’m in a band called Chase Scenes and we’ve been ‘together’ in some way, shape or form for a few years now but only really started to buckle down in the last 6-12 months.We’ll be putting on our first ever gig on January 14 at the Waiting Room in West End with The LoveBuckles and Go Go Go Go!. So if you enjoy some listening to some fuzzy rock come along and see us all play. Entry is from 8pm and is $7 – but the best part of all, BYO alcohol. For any more info, hit me up or come have a look at our Facebook Event. Hope to see you all there!

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December 2010. Somewhere between Hue and Hanoi, I lose my iPod. I’m halfway through a month long trip in South East Asia with plenty of flights, bus rides, boats rides and elephant rides ahead of me. And I lose my iPod. I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m into music. In fact if you’ve been reading this for a while, I think it’s fairly obvious that music is pretty much my life. The idea of spending another two weeks without music was daunting. And little did I know that just a few days later, that spending two weeks without music mid-break up in a foreign country could be even worse.

This left me with a lot of time to think. A lot of bus rides, staring out the window thinking. A lot of time sitting at airports thinking. And one flight in particular, on my way home thinking about just how much my life would just the second I touched back down in Brisbane.

I was surprised that I coped quite well without music. I took in what was around me, and I guess I become more of a real traveler. One of the biggest things I started to think about was the role of music in my life. While I was in South East Asia, a lot of the bars I went to played older music. Music I used to devour until I became a ‘pretentious indie snob’. Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix. One of the most surreal moments of my life was sitting in a bar called the DMZ Bar, drinking B52 shots, literally sitting around the corner from B52 bomb craters and buildings still ridden with bullet holes – and CCR’s ‘Fortunate Son’ came on.

It was one of those travels where I questioned everything about my life – it was literally life changing. One thing that repeatedly came up was music blogging and music criticism. Before I left I doubted my role in the community. I decided to take a brief break and come back refreshed from my holiday, thinking I was just exhausted. While overseas I found it hard to find a reason to do any of this. It all seemed so trivial. There was no purpose. I don’t get paid, I’m not helping anyone. I left the thought, along with many others, back in the middle of the jungle. I had other worries on my mind anyway.

When I arrived back in Brisbane, I was surprised that I threw myself straight back into blogging (as well as the several other places I write for). I was reviewing heaps of CDs and going to heaps of live shows, I guess to fill the void of a broken relationship. And here I am now, suffering from over-saturation of music. I’ve lost my passion – hopefully just for the time being. So brings about a sabbatical from blogging. I’ll still be around, and will still occasional contribute to TOM and Life Music Media, so keep an eye out if you’d like. I’m once again hoping to come back rejuvenated and ready to love music again.

Hey, remember when I used to have red hair? Me along the Perfume River in gorgeous Hue


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Happy First Birthday

Well it is has officially been one year since I started this blog, and I have to say it’s been a very interesting year for me! I’ve made a lot of good contacts and a lot of good friends through starting Music for the Laundromat. I’ve been given many interesting opportunities to review fantastic albums, go to great shows and speak to interesting people. The blog progressed from covering very broad topics to zeroing in on the Brisbane music scene. No, I’m still not happy with it but I have big plans for this year (more specifically to get my ‘tagging’ system a little more organised…whoops!). I have resolutions to go to more shows and do more phone interviews. I plan on working harder on my reviews and to re-read what I write before I post (because making sense is kind of essential). I would also love to get some more opinion based posts happening again.

It’s interesting to see how my taste has evolved in the past year, especially looking back at my Top 10 Albums of 2009! Where is the local love? No matter. It’s 2011 now and I have big plans, and I hope you will all still be here with me to see how it goes!

Also, if you haven’t already heard, I finally got a proper Twitter for my blog! Come follow.

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Vacation Time

A lot of you probably saw this one coming (mainly because I haven’t stopped talking about it for a few weeks now, but also with the lack of posts as of late…), but it is time that this blogger takes a vacation (SE Asia for those who care!). It’s been a long year for me, with a lot happening and I am definitely in need of some time off. I’m looking forward to coming back in the new year refreshed and ready to go, and I already have some very exciting ideas for this blog that I can’t wait to put into action. I also have a run down of the year in music that I can’t wait to post when I get back!

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So I took a page out of Daz’s book (well, blog) and widened my network.

I’ve made a Music for the Laundromat Myspace Page, so I can find new music quicker and easier. Come over and be my friend, and feel free to recommend some new music too. I haven’t used Myspace for a few years now, so it might take me a while to figure everything out…

If you’re not already doing so, you should follow me on Twitter as well.

And if you want a bit more you can follow me on my newly refurbished Tumblr (after I abandoned it for a few months! eek). More Bianca, less MftL.

I also have a last.fm account but I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I’ve heard it’s potentially a good site, what does everyone else think? Anyone want to give me a tutorial?

And of course you can always email me: musicforthelaundromat@gmail.com

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