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Acts Seen:

Imaginary Cities, Boy in a Box, Emma Louise, World’s End Press, Evil Eddie, The Jungle Giants, Little Scout, DZ Deathrays, Jonathan Boulet, San Cisco, Oscar and Martin, The Adults, Eagle and the Worm, Seals

I went into Big Sound Live with one goal – to only see bands I had never seen live before. The thing with this showcase is that it can be so easy to go see the acts you know will be good (Ball Park Music, Velociraptor, The Cairos, The Paper Scissors, Inland Sea etc etc) but for me that seems to kind of defeat the whole purpose. Isn’t the whole idea to help punters discover new local bands and showcase local emerging artists? I mostly succeeded, I had seen a bit of Little Scout earlier this year at Belle and Sebastian and I heard a bit of World’s End Press at Splendour in the Grass but for the most part I saw a lot of acts I had never seen before, or even heard of before.


World’s End Press – I stayed around to catch their whole set and it was well worth it. A genre I can only describe as retro electro, they’re very 80s complete with the loud shirts and bad awesome dancing. Lots of synths and grooving basslines. I compared them to a more subdued !!! (Chk Chk Chk) – well worth seeing again.

Oscar and Martin – I’m still trying to work out how I would describe these guys, because pop or RnB simply don’t cover it. They had two of the most amazing voices I’ve heard in a while and a really unique approach to their music.


While there weren’t exactly any acts that I would say that I would never see ago, I felt a little let down by Emma Louise. With the amount of hype she’s had over the last couple of months, perhaps I had just set my standards too high. Or maybe it was an off night or a bad venue to see her in or the crowd was just too loud. It could have been anything, but I wasn’t blown away and I’m struggling to even remember anything about her set.

The Venues:

I managed to make it to every venue available for the event – Electric Playground, Bakery Lane, Black Bear Lodge, Ric’s, Tempo Hotel, Woodland, The Aviary and the Zoo.

It was actually my first time to Black Bear Lodge and I was quite impressed! I never thought the atmosphere of the Troubadour (RIP) could be matched, but Black Bear Lodge could even be an improvement. Lots of seating at the back and just generally a more open feel, I’m excited to return to this venue at some point.

Electric Playground was certainly an interesting choice of venue, but it seemed to work out okay. The sound was okay, the stage set up was okay, the scantily clad girls taking drink orders on the floor was a bit out of place but overall it’s an okay small venue. I don’t see it turning into a live music venue full time but it would be interesting to have the odd show here and there.

The only venue I was disappointed in was The Aviary. Absolutely no airflow, and beyond packed both times I went. I swear it was over capacity for Jonathan Boulet judging by the amount of people crammed into the stairwell between The Aviary and Birdees.

The Verdict:

It’s one of those ‘the more acts you see, the more you’ll enjoy it’ kind of events. It’s nice to be able to move around between different venues, and it’s nice to see members of local bands wandering around seeing other acts as well. I felt like I probably enjoyed last year a little bit more, but for the most part this year was very enjoyable and it was great to be able to see some bands I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


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Melbourne’s Eagle and the Worm are all set to release their debut album Good Times. I got a chance to catch up with Jarrad Brown about the upcoming release, touring as an eight-piece and the importance of keeping a toothpaste stash.

Where did the name Eagle and the Worm come from?

Im not sure. It just happened. I liked the name. I didnt want to be called The Jarrad Brown Experience…After I came up with the name I started telling people Eagle and the Worm was a loose metaphor for “highs and lows”, I like the name. Sometimes it bugs me. There are so many other animal bands.Lotof Eagles. There is also a Beatles song which Lennon sings “the Eagle and the Worm”…nothing to do with our band name, but when people assume that the Beatles is the link to the band name, I claim it. Link to obscure Beatles lyrics is good.

I imagine it can be a bit difficult to get 8 band members organised sometimes, have you picked up any tips or tricks along the way?

The trick is- buy the flights 6 months in advance, steal every morsel of band rider you can, follow other cars out- bumper to bumper of private car parks so you don’t have to pay. If you fly Qantas- get free food/drinks- always ask for 2 of everything. Toothpaste- don’t rely on the other bandmate. Bring your own. Don’t tell anyone you have the toothpaste. They will either loose it, or think that you are the new toothpaste guy, and hence never bring their own.

Your debut album Good Times is coming out very soon – what was the recording process like?

Pretty damn sweet. It was loose. The sessions sounded pretty loose as raw jams, but the vibe was so good, we kept caressing them in to shape. I had different drummers, guitarists, bass players come in play on different songs, to get different “feels” and “grooves”. I personally spent a lot of time walking around the studio, shouting directions at everyone, and calling myself the “Creative Director” of the recording sessions which is an annoying high-ranking but ambiguous sounding title. It’s the kind of title that gives me a lot of sway to take credit for anything from the album artwork to the tambourine part.

What were your main influences (musical and non-musical) when writing for the album?

During the summer I would wake up most days and start demoing. My window faced the full brunt of the sun and by 2pm my room was 45 degrees+, so I’d usually crash out between 2 and 4pm and then get back into it at night. Which was VERY annoying for my housemates. We had to have “talks” sometimes. There were times when I played the same riff for about a week, til I got it just right, looping it on Pro Tools. Grinding into Adrien and Leah’s (housemates) brains….must have been hell…sorry guys, it was the only way. Bedroom recording has all kind of pitfalls. But at the end of the day, you can tell people you made your record in your bedroom. Which is much more credible than saying you recorded it in an expensive studio with some hotshot producer.

Why did you choose to release a full album first up rather than an EP?

The album is a more appealing concept to me, most bands seem to release EPs because they want to grow their audience first, or hold of on their big tracks til later. Smart idea I guess, but Good Times wouldn’t have been as cool and fun if it was an EP. I don’t really buy EPs. I don’t really have any EPs come to think of it.

You’ve had some pretty awesome support slots over the past couple of years. Who has been your favourite to play with and why?

The Cat Empire at the moment is off the hook. They play everywhere, pack it out, awesome dudes, awesome road crew, etc etc. Its just maximum pro touring 100%. EATW get to rock into a 2000 person theatre, have a full room, and bust out our set, sell our records, then hang out and watch the Cat Empire. Sweet deal.

What has been the most memorable show you’ve played so far?

Gee hard to say. I don’t know, Enmore Theatre in Sydz with the Cats was good, Junkyard hotel in Maitland NSW is a great country pub to play. We are such a young band. Even though we have toured a bit, its still early days, might be the case of “every show is getting better” so the more recent shows have been pretty rad.

What can the uninitiated expect from an Eagle and the Worm show?

Fun times. All the tracks from our album. We don’t have gimmicks. We don’t really need any- Its an 8 piece band- it crazy enough. I like an audience that wants to listen, laugh, and dance. If you can get a show that does all of that in one night then it is a great show.

What do you love about playing in Brisbane?

The weather is usually good. The people are usually good.Brisbaneseems to “get” Eagle and the Worm, even from our very first appearances, there was a connection with theBrisbanepeople. We have made some good Bris buddies- The Gin Club and Ball Park Music. Fantastic dudes, playing great music. Seems Bris is doing pretty well on the music front, better than Sydney.

What does the future hold for Eagle and the Worm?

Everything. And more of the same. You know- write songs, tour and play live shows and release albums. I mean- i just want to the band to fit really nicely into the whole world of Australian music, I want the band to have a sense of connection with all the people that come to see us I want to build on that. So Good Times is good vehicle for those things- It’s an album- people will hear it, and hopefully want to be part of our world. I value that. I like to have a real connection with the people who get into the music.



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