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If you’re looking for some new local music and don’t know where to start, try having a search on Bandcamp. It’s a great site that more and more bands are using to sell their music. Individual tracks or full EPs or albums can be posted and put at any cost (including free!) that the band would like. You can browse through artists or search by tags like location or genre….which brings us to the point of this post.

A Brisbane search will bring up a few pages of bands (some known and some unfamiliar names) from Brisbane. Likewise, you can do a search for a different city, state or country. Most of the music is pretty cheap when it’s not free, and it’s a great way to support independent artists. Need to recommendations on where to start?

  • Hunz is pretty much the king of Brisbane artists on Bandcamp, with practically all of his releases being able for download. You can also get some of his chip tunes stuff there too.
  • Alan Boyle’s ‘Oxygen’ EP is available for download for only $3 (or more if you like), which I think is a complete steal.
  • Massai’s latest release is available here – I think they’re mainly releasing this digitally so this is likely to be the only place people will be able to get this

There’s also a crapload of stuff from Montpelier, Ed Guglielmino and Blunt Instrument.


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ForĀ  a few more hours you can download Edward Guglielmino’s ‘Tacky (a very tacky EP)’ in full from here! I highly recommend it, enjoy!

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A fantastic compilation of local Brisbane artists. For download click here, or befriend Mucho Bravado on Facebook.

“For years, Mucho-Bravado has been nurturing artists, helping them find their path into the music industry or just simply complimenting their talents with a strong support foundation.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Mucho-Bravado is an independent agency offering musicians marketing and publicity representation.”

Track listing:

  1. Tara Simmons – I Cannot Be Saved
  2. The Boat People – Echo Stick Guitars
  3. Ran – Revolutionary
  4. Hungry Kids of Hungary – Let You Down
  5. Ball Park Music – Sea Strangers (I Don’t Really Know You)
  6. Drawn From Bees – Bus Now
  7. Edward Guglielmino – Settle Down With Me
  8. Dan Parsons – Run With Me
  9. Timothy Carroll – Danshyttan

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