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‘Tell Her’ is the first single from Charlie Mayfair‘s upcoming album, a follow up to last year’s debut EP. The video and track from the Brisbane folk inspired indie five-piece is moody and atmospheric, a perfect to match the pounding drums and cascading vocals of the song.

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I Want That You Are Always Happy is the long awaited debut album from Townsville indie-folk collective The Middle East. You probably remember them from when Triple J was flogging ‘Blood’ from way back when, and while this could easily be one of my favourite albums titles of all time the record simply fails to deliver. The 7-piece is well known for their poppy folk stylings and lush vocal harmonies, but for the most part IWTYAAH comes across as sparse and lacking. It certainly doesn’t sound like a record made by a band consisting of seven members.

‘Black Death 1349’ brings the album to a slow and unexciting start and stays quite low key until the album’s highlight ‘Jesus Came to my Birthday Party’, where the upbeat tempo and combination of male/female vocals help to make it a standout. Unfortunately the album quickly takes another dive and staggers long, uninteresting folk songs, modern country tracks and a few pop hits. The constant changing of pace is distracting, making I Want That You Are Always Happy a tedious album to listen to, certainly not drawing you back in for more listens. It’s as if they can’t quite decide who they want to be as a band.

There are some decent tracks on the album though. ‘Land of the Bloody Unknown’ is a typically Australian folk/country song that is certainly worth a listen, though could possibly be better suited to another artist such as Gareth Liddiard. ‘Sydney to Newcastle’ is a nice little instrumental piano piece that could have been built up into a full, more interesting song. ‘Months’ is more of a classic kind of Middle Eastsound, with the most memorable hook on the album. The few standouts don’t make up for the pitfalls in this case though, meaning I Want That You Are Always Happy is likely to be quickly forgotten.

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Avalanche City is the solo project of David Baxter (though performs as a full band live), a folk-pop singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. ‘Love Love Love’ is the first single from his debut album Our New Life Above the Ground and while the music isn’t entirely my cup of tea, the video is absolutely adorable.

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