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Indigo and the Bear are a Melbourne trio who play some nice, gentle folk-pop. Consisting of acoustic guitar, piano, violin and vocals, they’re dreamy and relaxing to listen to.  And even better their upcoming EP Sorrow Down is available for free download from their website.


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Adelaide quartet Leader Cheetah are back with a new single ‘Crawling up a Landslide’, available for free download from the site until the 19th. Head on over and check it out!

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I’m hoping that most of you have this already, but if you missed out on the announcement, you can download Ball Park Music’s latest single ‘Sad Rude Future Dude’ for FREE from the Mucho Bravado Bandcamp site. If you’ve seen these guys play at all, I’m sure you would recognise this catchy as hell song, and for the uninitiated I’m sure you’ll love it too.

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Firstly, apologies for being slack over the past week or so. I promise things will pick up along here. Secondly, if you haven’t already heard, the Basics are back! They’ve just released a new album, and it’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD. It’s called /ðə’bæzɪtʃ/, which apparently makes it a self titled album, depicting the pronunciation of the band’s name. It was recorded at the Northcote Social Club and has a string of guest performers as well. ‘Better’ is the first video to come from the performance.

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Who are they? Steering by Stars

Where are they from? Adelaide

What do they play? post rock, ambient

You’ll like them if you like: Explosions in the Sky

Steering by Stars are a lot more than just ambient soundscapes. I’m sure everyone will find their own mostly instrumental post rock band to compare these guys to, but like every other post rock band out there Steering by Stars have their own little bits and pieces that set them apart and make them special. Every now and then they’ll use vocals, and sometimes there will be extended almost classical style piano playing. Gorgeous.

Free MP3s:

Steering by Stars – Closer

Steering by Stars – Ether

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There’s not much better than free music, and if there is one thing that’s better it would have to be free local music. And local record label Mucho Bravado have released a Winter Sampler of some of their finest tunes. It’s got some of the standard singles, but also new music from Timothy Carroll, music from My Own Pet Radio which is the side project of Sam Cromack from Ball Park Music and also one of the latest additions to the MB team – Bonfire Nights. Click here to get your free download.

Track Listing:

  1. Ball Park Music – ‘iFly’
  2. The Boat People ‘Soporific’
  3. Dan Parsons – ‘Firestarter’
  4. Hungry Kids of Hungary – ‘Wristwatch’
  5. Drawn From Bees – ‘Stand Against the Storm’
  6. Tara Simmons – ‘I Cannot Be Saved’
  7. My Own Pet Radio – ‘Altamont Speedway’
  8. Bonfire Nights – ‘Own Worst Enemy’
  9. Rocketsmiths – ‘Underground’
  10. Charlie Mayfair – ‘If I Fell Down’
  11. The Medics – ‘Her Song
  12. Timothy Carroll – ‘The Deepest Dive’

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There has been a bit of noise lately about Brisbane’s newest record label, soundslikebrisbane (SLB). Basically, it is 13 of the city’s independent labels (with the possibility of more to come) brought together to operate under the one name. The list of labels is astonishing – Plus One, Dew Process, Starving Kids…and the artists that have now been brought together is pretty amazing as well – Last Dinosaurs, the Gin Club, The Medics and Jackie Marshall just to name a few. If you want the complete list of labels and artists check out the site. Sounds good – yes?

From what I understand, the independent labels will still be operating themselves, under their current names, but SLB will be aimed at promoting and supporting. So what does this all mean? Personally, I’m hoping that it’s a turning point in the Brisbane music scene. I’d love to see gigs that have actually been properly promoted – not just a Facebook spasm two days before the show. I’d love to know when albums are actually coming out, and more importantly be able to access the damn things (I know… I still can’t let the Seja incident go). So far it is looking pretty good. The site has an extensive news section, blog and mailing list aimed at keeping everyone informed.

I must admit, over the past couple of years I’ve become more and more jaded about the Brisbane music scene. I can’t quite put my finger on why though. Yes, at times it can be a little cliquey, but I guess the overall quality of venues, performances and promotions just haven’t been cutting it for me. There haven’t been many local events that have drawn me out from my safe and warm home into the cold, dark and dank Valley.

I’m probably getting a little bit too excited, that just one thing like soundslikebrisbane will change all of this, but I think it is a step in the right direction. Has anyone else noticed that nobody seems passionate about the local scene anymore? Or are there still people out there who find a gig (or several) to go to every week? Please let me know if you do, I’m keen to hear why you’re not as old and cynical as I am. I hope this project will push these acts out to the forefront so we can actually get decent crowds at decent venues. I could go on and on about the Brisbane music scene here, but I won’t (actually I’ve been trying to avoid the topic because it tends to turn more into a rant than anything else…).

There’s going to be an event to launch the label on Friday June 18 as part of the Inhabit Fiesta held by Brisbane City Council. There will be about 10 local acts from SLB performing on two stages in the CBD laneways (Burnett Lane and Island Crt) – artists include Texas Tea, Carry Nation, Fushia, My Fiction, The Rational Academy and Last Dinosaurs. It’s free, and it’s all ages and I believe it’s starting at about 5.30. Exact details of who is playing when and where don’t seem to be up yet but I’ll post a link on my Twitter when I find it. It would be great to see everyone come along and support the local scene (…and wish a certain blogger a happy birthday…).

Still not enough to pull you in? I have some free (and legal) MP3s to share. Enjoy:

Carry Nation – Phil Spector

My Fiction – Gravel Rash & Football Stars

Rational Academy – 2004

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