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You may remember that roughly this time last year I wrote about a folktonica band from Melbourne called Goodnight Owl. Well they’ve had quite a busy year and undergone a slight transformation. Now known as Love Migrate, they’re looking to move on to bigger and better things. I caught up with frontman Eddie Alexander to find out all about it.

So inspired the name chance from Goodnight Owl to Love Migrate?

The name change was inspired by watching too many David Attenborough documentaries, in particular the series ‘Nature’s Great Events’. These documentaries are possibly the best thing my eyes have ever witnessed, apart from swimming with a pod of 400 dolphins.

Is there any meaning behind the new name?

The name is an observation of human and animal life. These two things seem to be the most primary and positives incentives for existing.

The sound of the band seems to have changed quite a bit as well, how would you describe your new sound?

We sound like a band, and I would call our songs dark pop ballads. I don’t think it matters too much on what genre we fall under, if it crosses a few borders then that’s actually not that bad.

Who have been your main musical influences in forming this new sound?

There have been lots of influences and I’m sure the listener will easily notice them when they listen to our music. They include Band of Horses, Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Cat Power and others.

Was it a tough decision to pretty much change the entire direction of the band?

It wasn’t tough at all. We’ve been playing more of a live sound for about a year and this is just natural progression. We did folktronica because at the time I really liked the Postal Service and Whitley’s debut record.

What gave you the idea of doing a show with both Goodnight Owl and Love Migrate?

The idea of doing this show under two names is to give people a chance to see songs from our EP again and also the opportunity to become involved with the new name and sound. It’s a nice way to show appreciation to people who’ve liked our music in the past and hopefully they get into our new songs, which in my opinion are a lot stronger and deeper then our past material.

Are you looking forward to the show?

Yes we’re all excited to begin a new chapter of our short and unprofitable music careers.

What can we expect from a Love Migrate live performance?

At our show you can expect good music to travel as sound waves to your ears and into your brain, ensuring you’ll forever be fighting with your conscience to not be a depressed being.

Are there any plans for a Brisbane visit sometime soon?

Brisbane will happen when the time is right, and that time will be when we’re supporting national touring bands. I can’t see us doing a headline show there anytime soon, purely because we’re little fish in a big big ocean at the moment. Hopefully we’ll climb up the food chain in the next 6 months.

What does the future hold for Love Migrate?

Our debut single package will be available in July which of course includes ‘Little Kid’.  Our debut mini LP then comes out in September. We then plan to record a follow up EP to be released early next year and will follow that up with a full-length album to be released in the middle of 2012. While these things are happening hopefully we’ll be touring nationally with a few bands.

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Goodnight Owl – Goodnight Owl EP

The debut EP from Melbourne lads Goodnight Owl showcases the band’s unique style of folk mixed with electronica. The two styles couldn’t differ any more, and the idea of combining them can seem a little concerning, but the end result here is incredibly successful. The band uses minimal instrumentation, relying on gently plucked guitar backed by artificial drum beats, with hints of glockenspiel. Mixed in with distinctly Australian vocals, it all works together superbly and makes for an incredibly sweet sound. Lead track ‘Maps and Compasses’ will be likely to draw comparisons to The Postal Service, but the rest of the EP takes a somewhat different direction. Lyrically, beautiful scenery and landscapes are painted, most prominently in ‘Coles Bay’. The highlight of the EP though would be its closer ‘Stale Bread’, a simple and sombre track without any of the electronic drum beats.
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Who are they? Goodnight Owl

Where are they from? Melbourne

What do they play? electro-pop, folk

You’ll like them if you like: The Postal Service

Literally within about 10 seconds of hearing ‘Maps and Compasses’, I got a smile on my face that I just couldn’t take off. It reminded me of the first time I heard ‘Such Great Heights’ by The Postal Service. It’s upbeat and uplifting but kind of bittersweet at the same time. Electro drum beats, folky guitars and Australian accents are all featured here, and the mix is absolutely splendid.

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