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Brisbane 5 piece Epithets (led by Nick Smethurst who as played with other Brisbanites Mr Maps, Lion Island and Little Scout) have just released their new single ‘Blacklisted’, from their upcoming album that will be released later this year. You can download it for free at the moment from Bandcamp. A bit rockier and more guitar driven than some of their previous material. They’re labelled as ‘post punk’ that’s a pretty loose generalisation, if I had to compare I’d pick closer along the lines of Deathcab for Cutie.


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Local lads Disco Nap began the night with an acoustic set. Normally a four piece, tonight the band was just vocals and guitar with synths. The two-piece ran through a few of the band’s songs, including ‘False Teeth’ and ‘The Soft Cell’, interspersed with somewhat awkward stage banter. A sad, though amusing, story about a missing cat, who is aptly named Donnie Darko brought lead singer Ross Hope to dedicate ‘Don’t You Miss Her’ to the cat. It was a relaxed feel for the sparse crowd, and a pretty good way to ease into the night.

Lion Island took the stage next, with all of the members of the band barely fitting on together. Between three guitars, bass, drums, trumpet and violin they had a fantastic energy. The band is likely to draw comparisons to the Arcade Fire for obvious reasons, and they could easily match that grandeur. With seamless transitions between styles of folk and indie rock with jazz undertones, their live show was seemingly perfect. Confident and attention grabbing, they were relaxed and natural.

Next up were Ball Park Music, who began their set with the ballad, ‘Western Whirl’. Featuring just guitar with male and female vocals, it was a very interesting way to kick things off. They powered through their set, which included tracks from their latest EP, such as ‘Sea Strangers’ and ‘iFly’ as well as older tracks like ‘All I Want Is You’. It was an energetic set which showed off the bands talents, and they were actually the first band of the night to get people standing up and dancing along. We even got to witness some new material, with some of these new tracks sounding really promising.

Ernest Ellis took the stage with full backing band for his first headlining show in Brisbane. Opening with ‘Want for Anything’, it was obvious that this set would be a very different sound to that of his album. Ellis’ style is difficult to pinpoint. On record is it folk inspired indie rock with ambient synths backing traditional guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Tonight the synths seem to sit on the backburner, and a much stronger focus on the indie rock side of the band shone through.

Next song ‘Pulse’ detoured mid-way through into a hypnotising rendition ‘The End’ by The Doors and then back to normal after a bit of a jam. Ellis performed ‘Valley Song’ acoustically, backed only by tambourine and light backing vocals. It was fairly reminiscent of the way Conor Oberst performs acoustically – heart on sleeve for all to see. ‘Heading for the Cold’ and ‘Loveless’ closed off the set beautifully, with the crowd swaying along and enjoying the atmosphere. All in all the set was far too short; especially considering his debut album reaches almost an hour. While enjoyable, it definitely left many wanting more.
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