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‘You Can’ is the latest single from Melbourne’s Skipping Girl Vinegar from their new album Keep Calm Carry the Monkey. The track is dreamy and moody, with a steady thumping bassline and will stick in your head for hours and hours after listening.

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Just thought I’d share the official video for Ball Park Music’s current single, ‘It’s Nice to be Alive’. I posted about it a few weeks ago but there was only audio at the time! Enjoy!

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Great Sky from Ernest Ellis & The Panamas on Vimeo.

Ernest Ellis released what ended up becoming one of myfavourite albums from last year (despite my somewhat critical review…), and he’s back again with another great track. Now preferring to be called Ernest Ellis & The Panamas to incorporate his backing band a bit more, ‘Great Sky’ is one of the first tracks from their upcoming album.

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Allbrook/Avery is a Perth based musical project consisting of Nick Allbrook from Tame Impala and Cam Avery from the Growl. ‘Empty’ is the first single from their upcoming debut album Big ‘Art, a synthy sort of lo-fi offering that practically begs for hand claps. It’s daggy as fuck and sounds a lot like MGMT. It’s pretty hard not to end up liking it.

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‘Design Desire’ is one of the first singles (alongside ‘Mammalian Locomotion’) from Western Australian artist Abbe May‘s upcoming third album. A cross between guitar driven rock and dreamy Goldfrapp-esque vocals, May’s moving forward from the more blues-driven rock style she’s been known for over the years.

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Not far from kicking off the first ever headlining tour, I asked frontman Sam Cromack a few questions about how the band been going lately.

You’re about to embark on your first headlining tour – do you have anything special in store?

In about half an hour I’ll be heading to our first rehearsal for this tour. We have a bunch of things to learn: some new songs and another cover. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be busting out our most fabulous cover yet.

Your new video for ‘Rich People are Stupid’ is pretty crazy – did you really smoke your own moustache?

Yes. It’s not half as bad as everyone assumes it would be. Not like I had to eat vomit or poo or anything.

What have been your main influences (musical or non-musical) when writing?

I like lots of different styles of music, so I won’t bother boring anyone with which particular bands I like. I try lots of different styles of writing too. Sometimes I’ll sit about with a guitar and just noodle, sometimes I’ll work at the computer and experiment with recording. Sometimes a tune will just “come”, and I’ll sing it into my phone so I don’t forget it. I just do whatever. There’s always music to be written.

You seem to be very busy touring all of the time – what do you like to do in your downtime?

I like to go to work and earn some money so I can stay alive. I like to spend time with my girlfriend. I like to cook and drink alcohol. I’m open to anything. Do you want to take me somewhere?

You’ve had some pretty awesome support slots over the last couple of years, who has been amongst the favourites?

Even though we know them quite well now, our national tour supporting Hungry Kids of Hungary was undeniably good. It was their album tour. They’d done the hard yards; we just got to play in the big venues full of screaming Hungry Kids fans. They may have hated our band for all I know, but who cares. I had a good time.

You’ve also had some overseas shows as well, in Singapore and Vietnam, how have you been received overseas?

No-one knows us there, but it was still a gnarly adventure. The people and the lifestyle there, especially in Vietnam is a great experience. It’s very different there. The audience aren’t exposed to a lot of live music, so they’re very grateful for anyone who’ll come. The bands we played all have a different attitude too. Western bands are very sombre and serious; they’re shit-scared of putting on a ball-busting show at the risk of being uncool or daggy. But this suited us very well. We just wanted to behave like dickheads and have fun. The Vietnamese can really party. I miss them.

What can the uninitiated expect from a live Ball Park Music Show?

We insist on keeping our live show slightly unplanned. Spontaneity is at the heart of a great performance. I mean, sure, it’s lovely to play your songs well, but you want to give the audience good reason to be in attendance. I like to think anything can happen. We’ve removed clothes, auctioned fingernails, dry-humped patrons, climbed on people, run away, spat wine on people’s clean clothes. The more people the come, the better it will be. Also, the more alcohol I consume, the better it will be.

What’s your favourite thing about playing in Brisbane?

Brisbane crowds are always large and they’re never pretentious. They like to get pissed and have a good time. Not likeSydney.

What has been the highlight of Ball Park Music’s career so far?

Playing at CAMA Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam was one of the greatest and most surreal moments of my life. I will cherish that memory for a long time. I also loved play ‘Apartment’ with Custard singer Dave McCormack at last year’s Triple J AusMusic Month party. That was equally surreal, and banging that out to a sold-out crowd. Ripper.

What does the future hold for Ball Park Music?

Hopefully a lot. We have a lot planned for the near future. I hope we can stay busy and enthused about our music. As long as we remain on an upward climb, you can count me in.

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How have I not heard about these guys before? How have I not heard about these guys before??? This seven piece hails from Adelaide and call themselves Cheer Advisory Council. They make folk-pop on a much greater scale than the genre would suggest.

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