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Avalanche City is the solo project of David Baxter (though performs as a full band live), a folk-pop singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. ‘Love Love Love’ is the first single from his debut album Our New Life Above the Ground and while the music isn’t entirely my cup of tea, the video is absolutely adorable.

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Alright so we’ve hit the end of my ‘New Zealand Week’ series and we’ll get back to regular programming next week (even though at this point I’m starting to think that next week will just be Hungry Kids of Hungary week!). I thought I would finish things off with some clips that were a lot more…unique.

1. Wellington Ukelele Orchestra

2. The Trons (a robot band!!!)

3. Flight of the Conchords (of course)

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I’m sure some of you may have noticed the distinct lack of rap, hip hop, rnb, dub etc on Music for the Laundromat, but hopefully this post will make up for that a little bit! The artists featured aren’t exactly ‘new’ on the NZ – or even Australian – scene, but instead what I prefer to call ‘classic’. If anyone has some new up and coming acts they’d like to share, please send them through!

1. Tiki Taane

2. Scribe

3. Salmonella Dub

4. OMC (can’t find a decent link other than Wiki sorry)

5. Fat Freddy’s Drop

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1. The Datsuns

2. The Checks

3. The Bleeders

4. Deja Voodoo

5. Dukes

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And we move on to indie rock…I don’t mean to trivialise the genre, but there’s really no point commenting on the nuances of each band. The videos really speak for themselves, and if you’re after more info I’ve linked their Myspace pages.

1. Cut off Your Hands

2. Die! Die! Die!

3. Clap Clap Riot

4. Midnight Youth

5. The Bats

(you probably – hopefully! – know this song from the opening credits of the ABC show The Hollowmen!)

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New Zealand Week continues on Music for the Laundromat, with the second day’s installment featuring some electro/synth/drum and bass bands (I did say yesterday that I was loosely grouping these genres…).

1. Bachelorette

Think a mix between Bjork, Ladytron and Goldfrapp. Taking the best elements of all three and put them here. Very dreamy.

2. The Naked and Famous

Another great band I came across at Big Sound Live. My exact words were “synths galore”.

3. Kids of 88

This one is a lot more Goldfrapp-y. Very catchy.

4. Concord Dawn

Moving away from ‘synth pop’ to some more proper electronica. Or at least what a casual electronica listen like myself would call ‘proper’.

5. Shapeshifter

I’m not great at talking about electronic music, so I’m close to comparing these guys to Concord Dawn…like I said – casual listener.

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I declare it to be New Zealand Week on Music for the Laundromat!

I’ll be making a new post every day this week, showcasing some new NZ music and presenting some older stuff as well. Whatever, whevener, as long as it’s from our Southern counterpart. Each day will feature a different genre (or at least a loose definition of ‘genre’) and to kick off the week, we’ll start with POP MUSIC!

1. Kimbra

I’ve been ranting about Kimbra to anyone who will listen lately. I first came across her at Big Sound Live a few week’s ago, and was absolutely blown away by her live performance. She plays soul influenced pop music that could border on r’n’b at times.d

2. Ladyhawke

Ladyhawke first made waves in about 2008 with the release of her debut self titled album. Catchy, retro, synth pop.  I swear she’s released about half of the songs off the album as a single and I’m itching to see what her follow up will be like.

3. The Brunettes

These guys (and girl) have been around since the late 90s, but I’m only just hearing about them recently. They’ve been signed to Sub Pop over in the States. I think that’s all I need to say for you to understand the quality of music they’re making.

4. Gin Wigmore

For the most part, I’ve never really been a fan of her music but I’m more than ready to admit that this is some pretty decent pop music.

5. Fur Patrol

Another NZ band that formed in the late 90s – they’ve since moved to Australia, but they certainly still count! Their Myspace describes them as “happy hardcore”. Hilarious.

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