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So on Saturday I had the opportunity to go to Ric’s Big Backyard Festival, reviewing for Press Record Online (you can read the full proper review here). I admit I approached the festival with a lot of cynicism – from the outside I couldn’t possibly see how a festival would work at Ric’s. I couldn’t see how any of the sets could run on time, or how they could fit enough people in to justify a ‘festival’. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the festival was a success. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t sold out, and of course there is room for improvement. But I was quite surprised at how well the day actually went ahead.

No, it wasn’t the best venue for a festival. As expected downstairs was a tight squeeze (as it always is). Upstairs had a bit more room to breathe, but was painfully loud (note to self: invest in ear plugs). The outside area was a pleasant surprise though, taking up literally the “backyard” area behind Ric’s and RG’s. The area was never really “packed out”, especially during first few bands of the day, but was spacious and had a nice little food and bar area set up.

No, the line up wasn’t the best either (especially for the $75 that was asked for a ticket). It certainly wasn’t value for money for most people, but that being said none fo the acts on the bill were bad either. I was stoked to finally get around to seeing Velociraptor and Violent Soho – two bands I’ve been meaning to see for quite some time. Die! Die! Die! were probably the highlight of my day and of course You Am I were classic.

I really would like to see them try this festival again next year. Financially, I don’t know how much of a success it was, however for a smaller, low key festival it definitely has potential to continue.


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