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I thought it was time to put some stability into this blog. Introducing Sunday thoughts – basically me just music about a different music related topic every Sunday. I’m hoping to get some dialogue happening here though – so call comments are loved and appreciated.

Last Tuesday I went to the Pixies concert alone. I’ve been finding that I’ll do this more and more often. Going to shows alone, that is. There are a few different reasons – sometimes I’ll get a single review pass, or other times there just won’t be anyone who wants to come with me. Or I just don’t meet up with people who are going because they have seats and I have standing or something else along those lines.

I don’t really mind going alone, as such. I just hate those moments when you’re waiting. And there’s nothing to do, no one to talk to. But like I said, I don’t really mind it, I just get a little bored. So Tuesday night I went on a little bit of a Facebook and Twitter frenzy while waiting for the Pixies to take the stage.

The topic seemed to divide people. Some would only attend gigs alone, others would never dream of it. I received advice to start talking to the people around me and start making friends, and offers to go to whatever next gig with me so I wouldn’t be alone.

But truth me told, once the music started I really didn’t care. So on the way home it got me thinking of which way was better – going solo or going with some friends? I suppose it’s all circumstantial – what band, what venue, what kind of mood you’re in. The Drowned in Sound forums had some pretty good arguments pro going alone. But is the line drawn at all day festivals? Weekend festivals? Week-long festivals?

Again, I went to Laneway alone. It was a long day not talking to people. Between sets that is. But then again, several years ago I met some of my closest friends from going to gigs alone. But on the other other other hand, I once went to the Big Day Out alone, and naturally didn’t take care of myself in the heat and got quite sick. Luckily I recognised this and made my way out of the mosh, but if something had happened, no one would have been there for me.

So what does everyone think? Anyone indifferent like me? Or strongly believe in one or the other? Stories about meeting people, or even bad experiences going alone would be greatly appreciated.

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Photo Courtesty of Kelh on FasterLouder.com

Photo Courtesty of Kelh on FasterLouder.com

This was the final show for the Pixies as part of their ‘Doolittle’ Australian tour, and considering just how many shows they’ve played in the past month it was an amazingly energetic show. The show began with Kim Deal announcing to the crowd that they were beginning with the b-sides – ‘Dancing the Manta Ray’ in particularly. The b-sides were much appreciated, but the real roar from the crowd began as the first few chords of ‘Debaser’ started to ring through the venue.

Knowing which songs were coming next did kind of diminish the excitement for me, but each song was just so well played that it didn’t really matter. ‘Here Comes Your Man’ and ‘Monkeys Gone to Heaven’ were massive stands (as expected) but really, each song was received well which just reiterates how stunning the ‘Doolittle’ album is.

The band looks a little worse for wear (well, except for Deal) but they still sound absolutely amazing. They’re a tight band, and there’s no doubt that this was a really solid performance. Frank Black’s (or Black Francis, depending on who you’re talking to) voice was surprisingly still in perfect form, with his trademark yowl matched perfect against Deal’s soft, feminine voice.

It was also good to hear a few difference songs in the encores. The stage was absolutely drowned in white smoke during ‘Into the White’, so that each band member was a mere silhouette and then eventually drowned out. The night closed off with ‘Where is my Mind’, which of coursed topped the whole thing off. For someone who hadn’t seen the Pixies live before, it was one of those definitive music moments where a truly fantastic band plays a truly legendary song. The show easily lived up to every expectation. And then some.

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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of their ‘Doolittle’ album, along with the tour itself each show will be recorded, and made immediately available to fans. This will be a limited edition recording, numbered with the date and venue of performance, and will be completed mixed and mastered on the fly. There will be approximately 1000 copies per night, with some available for pre-order and some to be picked up on the night (I already ordered mine…)! A true collectors item for any fans.

Visit www.doolittlelive.com to pre-order yours.

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Whoa! It’s a crazy month – there’s a lot happening and a lot of pretty big clashes on the same night. I’ll be at Phoenix, Amanda Palmer and the Pixies for sure…and we’ll see what happens with the rest!

March 1: Phoenix – Convention Centre

March 6: Evermore – The Hi Fi

March 6: Washington – The Hi Fi

March 10: Dinosaur Jr – Great Northern Hotel (Byron Bay)

March 10: Pavement – The Tivoli

March 10:  Amanda Palmer – The Zoo

March 12: Hungry Kids of Hungary – The Zoo

March 13: The Boat People – The Troubador

March 18+30: The Pixies – Convention Centre

March 20: Angus and Julia Stone – The Tivoli

March 20: Kid Sam – The Troubador

March 23: The Dead Weather – The Tivoli

March 23: Massive Attack – River Stage (Botanical Gardens)

March 23: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – The Hi Fi

March 25: La Roux – The Tivoli

March 26: Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! – The Troubador

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