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New iamwhoiam Video

The artist who we all know only as iamwhoiam has released another video, entitled ‘o’.  A progression from the last video ‘b’, this one is a more formed song. Visually, we revisit the same room we saw in ‘b’, as well as the 6 strawberries we saw in the earlier videos.

The thing that strikes me most about the video is the girl. She looks like a man in drag. At a glance, she  looks like the same girl we’ve been seeing, but after watching the video a bit more you’ll notice there are a few facial differences. It makes me wonder if we have actually been looking at different people in each video this whole time – that we’ve just been fooled by a really good make up artist. I wonder if maybe the singer is not actually any of the people we’ve seen at all, just to fool us into looking into all these different female singers – Christina, Fever Ray, Jonna Lee – to point the finger to.

I’m still in two minds whether or not it is Jonna Lee…it doesn’t really sound like her style, but there have been arguments that this could just be a different project for her. I think i can safely say it’s not Christina though. Her new single has already been released and it’s very different to what we’re hearing here.

I’m surprsied it hasn’t been revealed yet-  particularly when speculation was at its height around the release of the last video. I think it’s been over a month now since they’ve done anything. I’m definitely enjoying this style of music though, but am starting to wonder if all this hype is just going to lead to disappointment. It’s starting to go on for a little longer than i expected it would…


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I’m thinking the iamwhoiam campaign may be drawing to a close. Apart from all the obvious signs (full length video, no clues in the video etc), their lastest ‘tweet’ was “i am coming to the surface”.

Sounds like we’re close to a revelation.

There’s still so much speculation out there about who it is. Some people are still saying it’s Reznor, but I think it’s just wishful thinking on their part. The Jonna Lee argument is still pretty strong though, for the most part. Even if it is a new artist, the hype that has been created around some of these artists’ upcoming albums is ridiculous, and amazing. I’m on edge to find out who it is…

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So the iamwhoiam saga continues, with the 7th video being released on Sunday. Now the buzz is that it is Swedish singer songwriter Jonna Lee. I do admit, she does look an awful lot like the girl in the videos. Also, the video for her latest single is a little reminicent of the iamwhoiam style. But for me the music is just way too different, leaving me a little skeptical.

So once again, a few video leads to a lot more questions. iamwhoiam‘s Twitter updates weren’t much to go by either. I feel like I can definitely rule out Christina though, as well as a few other well known artists. Guess we’ll just have to keep waiting….

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