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‘With Thanks’ is the latest single from Sydney indie-rockers Rockets and is available for free download from the Mucho Bravado band camp page (you can also download their other single ‘Toad’ from their own bandcamp page for free too!).


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I’m hoping that most of you have this already, but if you missed out on the announcement, you can download Ball Park Music’s latest single ‘Sad Rude Future Dude’ for FREE from the Mucho Bravado Bandcamp site. If you’ve seen these guys play at all, I’m sure you would recognise this catchy as hell song, and for the uninitiated I’m sure you’ll love it too.

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There’s not much better than free music, and if there is one thing that’s better it would have to be free local music. And local record label Mucho Bravado have released a Winter Sampler of some of their finest tunes. It’s got some of the standard singles, but also new music from Timothy Carroll, music from My Own Pet Radio which is the side project of Sam Cromack from Ball Park Music and also one of the latest additions to the MB team – Bonfire Nights. Click here to get your free download.

Track Listing:

  1. Ball Park Music – ‘iFly’
  2. The Boat People ‘Soporific’
  3. Dan Parsons – ‘Firestarter’
  4. Hungry Kids of Hungary – ‘Wristwatch’
  5. Drawn From Bees – ‘Stand Against the Storm’
  6. Tara Simmons – ‘I Cannot Be Saved’
  7. My Own Pet Radio – ‘Altamont Speedway’
  8. Bonfire Nights – ‘Own Worst Enemy’
  9. Rocketsmiths – ‘Underground’
  10. Charlie Mayfair – ‘If I Fell Down’
  11. The Medics – ‘Her Song
  12. Timothy Carroll – ‘The Deepest Dive’

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A fantastic compilation of local Brisbane artists. For download click here, or befriend Mucho Bravado on Facebook.

“For years, Mucho-Bravado has been nurturing artists, helping them find their path into the music industry or just simply complimenting their talents with a strong support foundation.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Mucho-Bravado is an independent agency offering musicians marketing and publicity representation.”

Track listing:

  1. Tara Simmons – I Cannot Be Saved
  2. The Boat People – Echo Stick Guitars
  3. Ran – Revolutionary
  4. Hungry Kids of Hungary – Let You Down
  5. Ball Park Music – Sea Strangers (I Don’t Really Know You)
  6. Drawn From Bees – Bus Now
  7. Edward Guglielmino – Settle Down With Me
  8. Dan Parsons – Run With Me
  9. Timothy Carroll – Danshyttan

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